Corporate Social Responsibility

At Ben, we also take our role as a responsible corporate citizen very seriously. In addition to supporting a variety of charitable initiatives within our community, we support the Ben HERO program, a charitable initiative designed to fund the research projects of Texas universities primarily in the fields of the environment, arts and well-being.


The Ben™ Way: Our Vision and Core Values

Ours is a culture of innovation. Ben is well positioned as a platform for launching new products and services for the alternative asset marketplace.

Ben's Vision

Leveling the playing field in alternative assets by providing investors with liquidity products and services previously available only to large institutions.

Ben's Core Values



We earn it.
We keep it.



We envision possibilities.
We pioneer solutions.



We achieve a common purpose.
We respect diverse views.

Ben’s primary purpose is to give the owners of alternative assets a unique method to access liquidity from those assets. We are here to give those we serve financial flexibility and convenience, and to offer superior client service. To make good on our promise of trusted solutions and valued liquidity, we adhere to our core values of Trust, Trailblazing and Teamwork.

We intend every action we take to reflect these guiding values. That’s the Ben™ Way


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