The Most Important Quality to Look for in a Liquidity Provider

Locating the right liquidity provider means conducting a detailed analysis of several firms and what they have to offer, from pricing to the quality of their bids to the integrity of their IT systems. The following seeks to provide financial services professionals with a framework for evaluating and selecting the best liquidity provider for their needs.

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Geometric Stones of the Giants Causeway Represents Fund Restructuring Concept

When LPs Want Out: A Fund Restructuring Use Case

A nervous Limited Partner (LP) can throw a wrench into a General Partner’s (GP) best-laid plans for launching a new fund or restructuring an existing one. When the hypothetical firm featured in this fund restructuring use case scenario, Venture Capital GP A, faces a challenge with liquidity, it decides to work with a provider to develop secondary liquidity solutions that satisfy the needs of both their LPs and the GP.

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Fund Exit Strategy Planning for General Partners

The reasons why an General Partner (GP) may want to exit a fund can vary wildly, from limiting the losses from a non-performing investment, to optimizing investor relationships or seeking an edge for fundraising efforts. However, the reason why a GP exits a given fund matters far less than how they go about planning for and taking this critical final step in the private equity investment process. Exits can have a profound impact on an investment’s return, and this article briefly discusses a few of the most frequently used fund exit strategies and provides guidance for planning a successful exit.

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A Quick Guide to Asset Liquidity for General Partners

Liquidity: it is an important element for every manager of alternative assets funds, but it can often be the most challenging type of service to provide. Alternative funds, like private equity, private debt, private real estate and fund-of-funds, are usually structured as illiquid investments. This issue of providing liquidity is compounded for investment advisors who manage funds where high net worth individuals and small-to-mid-sized institutions make up a substantial portion of their investor base, since so few liquidity providers service these type of investors. In this quick guide, we will discuss three hypothetical scenarios that might prompt an investment advisor to seek liquidity for alternative assets and provide an overview of possible challenges.

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A Growing Need for Liquidity in the U.S.

According to Prequin, U.S.-based individual and institutional investors currently own more than $3 trillion worth of alternative investments, with projections to exceed $4.5 trillion by 2023.

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