Proprietary Financial Technology

Expanding Access to Alternative Asset Liquidity    

In the U.S. alone, alternative assets investors and institutions represent an estimated $5.8 trillion annually and growing. Despite the demand for liquidity, that same market has been slow to innovate and caters almost exclusively to large institutional investors. That’s where Ben is changing the game by expanding access to liquidity for alternative assets through meaningful technology development and an  innovative trust structure. We engineered Ben to focus on the unmet needs of mid-to-high net worth individual investors, small-to-medium institutional investors, family offices and General Partners, an underserved market which holds approximately $1.7 trillion in alternative asset AUM2.

Flagship Technology for Simple, Rapid, Cost-Effective Liquidity 

Ben’s proprietary technology is supported by an innovative transaction and trust structure which finances the delivery of seamless and cost-effective liquidity, providing customers with options that meet their specific needs.



AltAccess™ leverages proprietary digital technologies to deliver a simple, straightforward online experience for investors seeking liquidity for their alternative assets. In a single tool, we’re able to manage risk and simplify the liquidity transaction closing process. Clients can use AltAccess™ to upload documents, work through tasks and complete their transactions with standardized transaction agreements with no additional costs or hidden fees.

Ben AltAccess is AT&T NetBond® certified.

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ExAlt™ Plan

Central to our online transactions, the ExAlt Plan™ structure is designed to facilitate the delivery of a client’s preferred election, whether that’s cash, equity securities or debt securities, or a combination of cash and equity or debt securities when exiting alternatives.

Liquidity Functionality Supported by Proprietary Technology

Our flagship technology is supported by two proprietary tech stacks, each focused on a core functionality of the liquidity for alternative assets process:

Portfolio Management Backbone

Underwriting Evaluation Tools



Data-driven statistical algorithms forecasting alternative asset growth and cashflows.



Portfolio optimization algorithms specialized for alternative assets



Algorithm creating a consolidated, single metric for monitoring portfolio concentrations



Algorithms producing risk-adjusted alternative asset quality score



Algorithms helping assess the fair value to customers that Ben could offer for liquidity solutions



Credit rating algorithm for loans collateralized by alternative assets

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