At Beneficient, we take our role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously. We support charitable initiatives within our Kansas communities, including the Heartland Foundation, which funds community reinvestment in rural Kansas economic growth zones.

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Reinvesting in Rural
Kansas Communities

The groundbreaking Technology-Enabled Fiduciary Financial Institutions (TEFFI) Act enables the creation of regulated trust companies that provide alternative asset financing and custodial asset management services. A central component of the TEFFI law is a built-in mechanism for community reinvestments out of a 2.5% financing fee paid by TEFFI customers.

Ben, through its subsidiary Beneficient Fiduciary Financial, L.L.C., strives to establish the best operating framework for the industry and ensure benefits flow throughout state. To this end, the Beneficient Heartland Foundation was set up to receive and redistribute the funding TEFFI operations generate. To date, over $15 million of assets and cash have been generated for the benefit of rural Kansas.

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