Trust Ben™

We’re Beneficient – Ben®️, for short. Our mission is simple – empowering alternative assets investors with new private trust, lending, and liquidity products focused on bringing liquidity to their portfolios and allowing them to invest like a large institutional investor. How? Through a simple, rapid, and cost-effective process to access hard-earned investment capital with liquidity provided from our own balance sheet.

If you would like to access liquidity from long-term alternative asset investments, we offer a range of flexible liquidity solutions.

We Specialize in Providing Liquidity Products for the Following Types of Alternative Asset Funds:

Venture Capital Non-traded REITs Fund of Funds
Leveraged Buyouts Private Real Estate Co-Investments
Special Situations/
Structured Credit
Feeder Funds Natural Resources
Private Debt Infrastructure Alternative Energy/
Climate Solutions
Infrastructure Assets Real Assets (Agriculture/Forestry)

Eligible assets list is subject to change

Trust Ben™


Liquidity When It's Needed

  • Manage portfolio construction risks
  • Change investment objectives or liquidity horizons
  • Fund college or retirement
  • Respond to unexpected life events

Liquidity When It's Wanted

  • Supplement estate planning strategies
  • Simplify division of assets
  • Facilitate payment of tax liabilities and administration expenses
  • Complement generational wealth transfer
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Liquidity When It Makes Financial Sense

  • Rebalance investment allocations
  • Access working capital
  • Adjust vintage year exposures
  • Redeploy into newer investments with greater future return potential

Delivering Unmatched Options

Ben provides private trust solutions, including a unique suite of lending and liquidity products, to owners of alternative assets, focused on offering liquidity, with proprietary capital offered from our own balance sheet.

Leveling the Playing Field

Our suite of trusted products and services was developed to effectively serve high net worth (HNW) individuals, small-to-mid-sized institutions, wealth managers and investment managers.

Providing a New Standard of Trust

Beneficient provides private trust solutions, including a unique suite of private trust, lending and liquidity products, to bring liquidity to owners of alternative assets.

Trust Ben™ to provide private trust solutions and liquidity to the owners of alternative assets in a simple, rapid and cost-effective way that has not been available to date."

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