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Where Alternative Assets Become Opportunity

Once your assets enter the AltAccess platform, they become part of a secure digital investment ecosystem that strives to provide end-to-end liquidity, custody, and investment analytics solutions to a broad range of investors and market participants.

AltAccess® Overview

Smart Tools for Smarter Decisions

Our first-of-its-kind technology platform helps you organize, exit, monitor, and transfer your alternative investments in one place.

  • Receive a range of indicative quotes on your alternative asset portfolio
  • Get quotes on over 82,000 alternative asset funds
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  • An inclusive platform for finding flexible exits for your alternative funds
  • Rapid and secure solutions for your liquidity needs
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  • Your alternative asset data in one place
  • Ben’s platform for trust administration services
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  • Providing transparency into the investment analytics of your alternative assets
  • Updates and complex data predictions on your alternative investments
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  • Access to investment opportunities following a liquidity event
  • Curated investment opportunities make reinvesting easy
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Access the potential in your long-term alternative asset investments to help you reach your next milestone or discover your next opportunity.

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