An illustrated investor tracks the performance of their alternative assets in Ben's secure platform.

Robust and comprehensive investment analytics for your alternative asset data, all in one place.

Reporting and analytics for all your alternative asset investment data, all in one place.

An illustrated investor tracks the performance of their alternative assets in Ben's secure platform.

Never Lose Sight of Your Investments


Our vision for comprehensive portfolio reporting, analytics, and market research helps you manage your alternatives with ease.

In-Depth Data & Investment Analytics

Stay informed on your alternative funds via extensive analytics and customized reporting published to your personalized dashboard. Reports include:

  • Market analysis & macroeconomic updates
  • Market exposures & risk estimates
  • Portfolio composition
  • Cash flow forecasting for private funds
  • Performance metrics
  • Diversification analysis & concentration scores
  • Current valuation estimates

Groundbreaking Tools for Underwriting Evaluations

Leveraging proprietary algorithm-based systems and methodologies covered by provisional patent applications.

Upholding Regulatory Standards

Our regulated business lines help to deliver a suite of products and services in an environment of safety, soundness and security. Our regulators include (1) the SEC, (2) FINRA, and (3) solely as it relates to Beneficient Fiduciary Financial, L.L.C., a subsidiary of Ben, acting as a regulated fiduciary under its TEFFI charter, the OSBC.

Secure, Easy-to-Use Digital Platform

Transactions are completed entirely online on our secure platform which has earned the AT&T NetBond® Certification for Cybersecurity and the SOC 2® Type I and Type 2 and SOC 3® independent auditor’s attestation.

A Rigorous Approach to Asset Data

Portfolio benchmarking, concentration analysis and stress-testing capabilities, risk assessments, and historical analysis.

Greater Access Now


Access the potential in your long-term alternative asset investments to help you reach your next milestone.

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