When LPs Want Out: A Fund Restructuring Use Case

A nervous Limited Partner (LP) can throw a wrench into a General Partner’s (GP) best-laid plans for launching a new fund or restructuring an existing one. When the hypothetical firm featured in this fund restructuring use case scenario, Venture Capital GP A, faces a challenge with liquidity, it decides to work with a provider to develop secondary liquidity solutions that satisfy the needs of both their LPs and the GP.
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Ben Receives Conditional Trust Banking Charter from Kansas State Banking Commissioner

DALLAS — July 6, 2021 — Ben announced the issuance of a conditional trust banking charter from the Kansas State Bank Commissioner to establish a fiduciary financial institution within the State of Kansas. The conditional charter, issued July 1, 2021, marks the beginning of Ben’s role as pilot under a new set of industry regulations enacted within the State of Kansas through the Technology Enabled Fiduciary Financial Institutions (TEFFI) Act.
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Our Thinking

Ben Perspectives Series

Technology as the Key to Empowering Alternative Asset Investors

Over the past three years, Maria Rutledge has led a team of 30 developers, analysts, and data architects in building the infrastructure that powers our unique liquidity solutions and overall client experience. In her new role as Chief Technology Officer, Maria is shaping the future of how we can equip and empower our clients to take control of their alternative investments through technology-enabled solutions.

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The Most Important Quality to Look for in a Liquidity Provider

Locating the right liquidity provider means conducting a detailed analysis of several firms and what they have to offer, from pricing to the quality of their bids to the integrity of their IT systems. The following seeks to provide financial services professionals with a framework for evaluating and selecting the best liquidity provider for their needs.

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Ben Updates

The Beneficient Company Group Announces Separation from GWG Holdings, Inc.

DALLAS — November 29, 2021 — The Beneficient Company Group, L.P. (Ben), a leading technology-enabled financial services company serving the growing market of investors seeking liquidity and other fiduciary services for their alternative assets, today announced the effectiveness of amendments

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