Who We Serve

Trust Ben™

Our suite of trusted products and services was developed to effectively serve high net worth (HNW) individuals, small-to-mid-sized institutions, wealth managers and investment managers.

Individual Investors

High net worth (HNW) investors hold more than $700 billion of alternative assets. By leveraging Ben’s innovative platform, HNW investors can secure liquidity for their alternative assets, plan for the future, or reposition their portfolios.


Approximately 1,300 small-to-mid-sized institutions holding more than $475 billion of alternative assets lack the same exit opportunities as large institutions.

Wealth Managers

The market for alternative assets among high net worth individuals is growing. In fact, one leading alternative asset manager expects 50% of its capital to come from individuals by 2024.

General Partners

Alternative asset investments, such as private equity funds, venture capital funds, and fund-of-funds can offer attractive returns but may require longer term commitments versus traditional investments-some as long as 10-to-12 years or longer.

Alternative Asset Platform & Service Providers

Platform and service providers who work with and provide access to alternative investment managers could benefit from providing their clients with access to a unique source of liquidity alongside sponsor firms.

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