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In order to fully harvest the value of private markets, we believe strategic asset allocation and active portfolio management are crucial. At Ben, we call this framework Total Portfolio Management (TPM).




Private Fund Strategies including:

  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Private credit
  • Real estate
  • Natural resources
  • Infrastructure
  • Hedge funds
  • And more


  • Modern quantitatively driven portfolio construction
  • Market forecasts
  • Risk management techniques





  • Robust valuation process accounting for market risk, liquidity and other drivers of fund performance such as sector and strategy focus


  • Extraction of many synergies, economies of scale, and risk-adjusted benefits
  • Strong integration between portfolio optimization and fund valuation capabilities enables maintenance of balanced portfolios of illiquid assets


  • Designed to unlock efficiencies that can be passed to clients in the form of competitively priced offers against illiquid alternative investments
  • Promotes accessible and transparent secondary liquidity for investors of alternative assets


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Any benchmarks and financial indices are shown for illustrative purposes only and are provided for the purpose of making general market data available as a point of reference only.  Such benchmarks and financial indices may not be available for direct investment, may be unmanaged, assume reinvestment of income, do not reflect the impact of any commissions, fees and costs, and have limitations when used for comparison or other purposes because they, among other reasons, may have different volatility, credit, or other material characteristics (such as limitations on the number and types of securities or instruments).  No representation is made that any benchmark or index should be relied on as a measure for comparison.


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