Liquidity Solutions

Options to Exit Your Alternative Assets Early

Trust Ben™. Whatever drives your need to exit your alternative assets early, Ben has a range of solutions to help. They are designed to provide immediate cash flow, a lump sum of cash or a combination of both. Some options provide flexibility with respect to the tax treatment of the transaction. Whether you are an individual with a change in life circumstance or an institution looking to make some changes, the Liquidity Solutions below may be a good fit.

The Ben™ ExchangeTrust™ offers liquidity through equity or debt securities.

Ben™ InterchangeTrust™ offers liquidity through a combination of cash plus equity or debt securities.

The Ben™ LiquidTrust® provides an immediate lump sum of cash for your illiquid asset.


How it Works:

  • 1

    Identify a need for liquidity for your alternative asset. Ben offers a range of liquidity solutions.

  • 2

    Open a custody account through a safe and secure online portal to Ben. Ben underwrites and presents simplified terms and product documents.

  • 3

    Place all or part of the alternative asset into custody under the ExAlt Plan at Ben.

  • 4

    Receive consideration of cash, equity or debt securities based on the Ben liquidity solution selected.

Take the Next Step

  • Let's discuss your liquidity needs and how Ben can potentially meet them in a simple, rapid and cost-effective manner.

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