General Partners

Alternative asset investments can offer attractive returns but may require longer term commitments versus traditional investments. With Ben’s liquidity solutions, General Partners, or sponsor firms, can continue to offer investors the possibility of higher returns from their alternative asset and the opportunity to exit when the time is right for them.

Your drive to provide the best outcome for your funds, combined with Ben’s creative customization can lead to new ways of managing and continuing funds. Trust Ben™ to help to find the best solutions for your unique needs.

When the LP Needs Liquidity

  • Partner Preferred Liquidity Program
  • Continuous underwriting for efficient liquidity execution
  • On-demand transparent offers to your LPs
  • No fees, costs or expenses to GP or LP

When the Fund Needs Liquidity

  • Fund restructuring via SPV
  • Strip deals
  • NAV lending

When the GP Needs Liquidity

  • GP carried interest & fund ownership interest liquidity
  • GP structured growth transaction

Learn More About Our Solutions for General Partners

Whether your fund is at the beginning, middle or end of its life, read more about our simple, rapid and cost-effective ways to manage funds by downloading our GP solutions brochure.

  • Let's discuss your liquidity needs and how Ben can potentially meet them in a simple, rapid and cost-effective manner.

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