Wealth Managers

The market for alternative assets among high net worth individuals is growing. In fact, one leading alternative asset manager expects 50% of its capital to come from individuals by 2024. Many of these HNW investors work with a licensed financial professional to assist in selecting, monitoring and managing their alternative investments.


Registered independent advisors now have new options to provide liquidity and to help their clients be more successful and to continue to build trust and loyalty, operating as a fiduciary, among their top clients.


Private banks, who have been unable to offer liquidity for alternative investments in the past, now have options to help their clients who own alternative investments – and to more proactively manage funds and free up capital for redeployment.


Broker Dealers with alternative investment platforms can now offer their financial advisors and clients a simple, rapid and cost-effective way to access liquidity from their alternative asset investments.


Family Offices
Single and Multi-Family Offices can continue to allocate capital to illiquid, alternative investments with the confidence of knowing that they may have access to liquidity in the event they need to redeploy their capital for other purposes.

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