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Preferred Liquidity Program (PLP)

Solutions for General Partners & Wealth Advisors facing challenges in launching new funds, raising capital, or answering liquidity demands from their Limited Partners, advisors, and clients.

Liquidity The Ben® Way: We’ve built a rapid, secure, online way for customers to exit alternative asset investments for cash, equity, or debt securities based on the customer’s individual liquidity needs.

“Beneficient has been a valuable strategic partner in the growth and expansion of our private fund offering. They have provided the right solutions to allow our fund to scale to levels that would not have been possible organically.” − California-based PE Fund

Liquidity When It’s Needed, Wanted, and Makes Financial Sense

Our Preferred Liquidity Provider (PLP) program offers General Partners and Wealth Advisors both an easy-to-implement turnkey solution and a competitive advantage by providing rapid and cost-effective early exit solutions for their funds, LPs, advisors, and clients. The benefits of our PLP program include even more rapid transaction timelines, white-labeling services, and more, at no additional cost.


  • With Ben’s continuous underwriting process and on-demand proposals, Ben’s solutions are designed to close for Preferred Liquidity Partners within 48 hours.*
  • Timely fund valuations and early exit proposals thanks to our continuous underwriting and straightforward transaction process.
  • Easy-to-use client portal features simple, informative dashboards offering a new level of transparency into investment analytics, custodial services, and early exit solutions.
  • Simplified, straightforward transaction and closing documents are delivered securely online.
  • White labeling options for Wealth Advisors and General Partners from simple, private label, branding to full API integration so you can deliver a seamless, secure transaction experience online with your own branding.
*Actual client experience may vary.


  • All alternative asset transactions are initiated and executed entirely on our AltAccess platform which has earned the AT&T NetBond® Certification for Cybersecurity and the SOC 2® Type I and Type 2 and SOC 3® independent auditor’s attestation.
  • Annual third-party attack and penetration testing ensure the highest level of cybersecurity.
  • Our regulated business lines help to deliver a suite of products and services in an environment of safety, soundness and security. Our regulators include (1) the SEC, (2) FINRA, and (3) solely as it relates to Beneficient Fiduciary Financial, L.L.C., a subsidiary of Ben, acting as a regulated fiduciary under its TEFFI charter, the OSBC.


  • Backed by the power of our own balance sheet, Ben can offer noteworthy pricing and advance rates while keeping down transaction and holding costs.
  • With no third-party agents, intermediaries or middlemen involved, Ben can offer certainty around the total cost of exiting your alternative investments.
  • No additional fees, costs or expenses to participating PLP Enterprise Partners.

“Touting our membership in Ben’s Preferred Liquidity Provider Program in LP meetings has been transformative for our business. These smaller LP contributors need liquidity optionality, and Ben’s solution is the ace up our sleeve for addressing the concern.” − Oklahoma-based Early-stage VC Firm

Become a Preferred Liquidity Program (PLP) Partner

We understand the challenges General Partners and Wealth Advisors face. Partner with Ben to stand out from the competition with on-demand, streamlined exit solutions and a secure, easy-to-use platform.