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Better Beginnings for Your Funds; Better Relationships with Your LPs

Ben‘s rapid, cost-effective, and customizable liquidity solutions for General Partners can help you manage alternative assets, overcome challenges in raising capital, and solve demands from your Limited Partners, all on our client-friendly digital platform.

Liquidity SolutionsPrimary CommitmentFund Monetization

Liquidity The Ben® Way: We’ve built a rapid, secure, online way for customers to exit alternative asset investments for cash, equity, or debt securities based on the customer’s individual liquidity needs.

Liquidity at Your Fingertips


Pre-established underwriting criteria and standardized agreements


Standardized agreements in clear language

VIP Benefits

Preferred Liquidity Provider Program partners can expect an LP transaction with Ben to close in as few as 48 hours


Ben is not an investment manager and never will be, meaning we will not compete with our partners for secondary funds


Our solutions are designed to close in 30 days or less*

Competitive Pricing

As a fiduciary to our client, expect fair, transparent, and competitive pricing offers

*Actual client experience may vary

Key Benefits

Rapid, cost-effective exit solutions for GPs, the funds they manage, and their LPs

Preferred Liquidity Provider Program

Our turnkey enterprise solution is available to participating partners at no additional cost. The benefits of our PLP program include even more rapid transaction timelines, white-labeling services, and more.

Straightforward and Secure

Continuous underwriting, a simplified transaction process, and standardized documentation delivered through a secure, easy-to-use portal provide quick, transparent proposals to advisors and their clients.

Access to Full Fund Restructurings

This allows GPs to maintain their control over funds and exit them when the time is right, not when fund terms or LP pressures demand.

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Delivery of early liquidity options in as few as 30 days for those seeking new investing opportunities, rebalancing their portfolio, planning for the future, or securing needed cash.


Lower capital, execution & holding costs to offer competitive pricing to LPs. No fees, costs or expenses to GPs or LPs. Ben uses its own balance sheet to deliver the consideration.

Anchor Investment

General Partners who are nearing the end of a fundraise or needing to kick start a new fund can benefit from an anchor investment, no-cost fund services and a regulatory framework with our Primary Commitment Subscription Program.

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