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Monetization Solutions for General Partners

Monetization Solutions for General Partners

Explore our strategies for your older funds that include continuation vehicles, reviving management service fees, as well as exit option opportunities for LPs.

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Beneficient customizes fund-level solutions to address concerns currently facing GPs and their investors.

Your Partner for Continuation Funds

  • Establish new special purpose vehicle or fund
  • Revive revenue stream with management fees
  • Create exit solutions for your LPs

Regulatory Compliance

  • Controlled by a Nasdaq-listed parent company and operating through a regulated and chartered fiduciary financial institution and trust company (“Fid Fin Trust Company”) authorized to implement the Primary Subscription Commitment Program.
  • Our Fid Fin Trust Company operates under the supervision of its state banking regulator, serving as regulated trustee, custodian and liquidity provider to GPs and LPs.
  • SOC 2® , Type 1 and Type 2 and SOC 3® certifications and AT&T NetBond® rating for the AltAccess platform was developed to deliver our Fund Services online in a more secure and regulated environment. The AltAccess platform is subject to examination and supervision by a state banking regulator.

Preferred Liquidity Program

Solutions for General Partners and Wealth advisors facing challenges in launching new funds, raising capital, or answering liquidity demands from their Limited Partners, advisors and clients. Review the program here.

The Benefits of Working with Ben for Your Special Purpose Vehicle

  • Experience rapid, customized monetization solutions that address multiple needs efficiently
  • With financing from Ben’s own balance sheet, we can accommodate longer-term fund restructurings.
  • Flexible solutions for smaller funds and existing LPs
  • PLP Program partners enjoy VIP benefits, including expedited transactions and white-labeling services.

For More Information

More details about the program for General Partners looking for Monetization can be found on our brief presentation, available for download below.